Supporting the market scale-up of green hydrogen for a CO2-neutral industry

With the construction and operation of three hydrogen labs at Fraunhofer, 
a digitally cross-linked infrastructure with state of the art capacities for testing and qualification of elctrolyzer- and fuel cell systems in the range of 27 MW is available. More precisely, these test fields are equipped for the examination of efficiency and permanence of electrolyzers´ performance in conjunction with renewable energies. By bundling our hydrogen activities in northern and eastern Germany, we accelerate the necessary market scale up of hydrogen technologies. The Hydrogen Labs in Leuna, Görlitz and Bremerhaven are connected digitally, and cover the whole process: starting from CO2-neutral power generation with on- and offshore wind turbines, up to the optimization of electrolysis and manufacturing of electrolysers, and finally storage and transport of green hydrogen. Therefore, we can offer a worldwide unique spectrum of pilot plants, covering the complete value creation chain of the hydrogen economy.

Connecting methodical competence with a unique infrastructure

Hydrogen Lab Bremerhaven

  • Validation of eletrolyzers on the system level, starting with 2 MW
  • Coupling with multi-MW offshore wind turbine
  • Link to medium-voltage virtual grid
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Hydrogen Lab Leuna

  • Generating green hydrogen for the chemical industry
  • Electrolysis test on system level up to 5 MW (PEM, SOEC, AEL)
  • Hydrogen usage for downstream processes on pilot scale (PtX)
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Hydrogen Lab Görlitz

  • Utilization in industrial manufacturing and decarbonization
  • Testing infrastructure with 12,3 MW power input for various components along the complete value creation chain of hydrogen
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´Our contribution to the establishment of a sustainable hydrogen market: Assuring a long operating life and reliability, inducing safe operations and cost-effectiveness. Consequently, trust and acceptance can be gained.`

Dr.-Ing. Sylvia Schattauer, Acting Managing Director of Fraunhofer IWES

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