Supporting the market scale-up of green hydrogen for a CO2-neutral industry

With the construction and operation of three hydrogen labs at Fraunhofer, a digitally cross-linked infrastructure with state of the art capacities for testing and qualification of elctrolyzer- and fuel cell systems in the range of 27 MW is available. More precisely, these test fields are equipped for the examination of efficiency and permanence of electrolyzers´ performance in conjunction with renewable energies. By bundling our hydrogen activities in northern and eastern Germany, we accelerate the necessary market scale up of hydrogen technologies. The Hydrogen Labs in Leuna, Görlitz and Bremerhaven are connected digitally, and cover the whole process: starting from CO2-neutral power generation with on- and offshore wind turbines, up to the optimization of electrolysis and manufacturing of electrolysers, and finally storage and transport of green hydrogen. Therefore, we can offer a worldwide unique spectrum of pilot plants, covering the complete value creation chain of the hydrogen economy.

Connecting methodical competence with a unique infrastructure


Hydrogen Lab Bremerhaven

  • Validation of eletrolyzers on the system level, starting with 2 MW
  • Coupling with multi-MW offshore wind turbine

Hydrogen Lab Leuna

  • Generating green hydrogen for the chemical industry
  • Electrolysis test on system level up to 5 MW (PEM, SOEC, AEL)
  • Hydrogen usage for downstream processes on pilot scale (PtX)

Hydrogen Lab Görlitz

  • Utilization in industrial manufacturing and decarbonization
  • Testing infrastructure with 12,3 MW power input for various components along the complete value creation chain of hydrogen

Hydrogen News



Online game brings green hydrogen research to life

Building an offshore wind park and generating green hydrogen directly at sea - a new browser game makes it possible to experience virtually what is currently being researched in the H2Mare Flagship Project.



Green methanol for shipping and industry: € 10.4 Mio. for the »Leuna100« project

A consortium of two Fraunhofer institutes, DBI-Gastechnologisches Institut Freiberg, Technical University of Berlin and C1 makes industrial history at the Leuna site. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport over the next three years.



Ground-breaking ceremony at Hydrogen Lab Bremerhaven: Focus on offshore hydrogen production

Bremerhaven – Senator Dr. Claudia Schilling and Lord Mayor Melf Grantz performed the symbolic ground-breaking for the Hydrogen Lab Bremerhaven (HLB). The HLB is being funded with a total of €16 million from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the State of Bremen and should be completed in 2023.



Green hydrogen: Hydrogen Lab Leuna opens in Leuna Chemical Park

More than €10 million have been invested in the construction of the Hydrogen Lab in Leuna. With it, Fraunhofer IWES is setting the course for future-oriented research for the production and use of green hydrogen in the chemical industry.


Accelerate market launch for green hydrogen

"Innovation is indisputably the driver for future economic production of large quantities of green hydrogen, as needed to achieve climate targets," says Sylvia Schattauer, acting director of Fraunhofer IWES. At the Handelsblatt Hydrogen Summit on June 8 and 9 in Essen, she will elaborate on how research and industry can achieve synergies together - and how IWES promotes the education and training of specialists.

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Electrolyzer-Certification: project start

Reducing uncertainties and risks in the industrialization of large-scale hydrogen projects - that is the declared goal of 18 industry and three research partners in a "Joint Industry Project" now launched under the leadership of DNV. A new certification scheme is to be developed, and best-practice experience from industry is to be taken into account. On the research side, the Fraunhofer Institutes IWES, IWU and IMWS are involved. DNV had successfully established a similar approach in the wind industry 30 years ago - and is now to be used as a model for the hydrogen economy. Other interested companies are welcome - please contact us by mid-April at:


Broschure Fraunhofer Hydrogen Labs

Three megawatt-class Hydrogen Labs - one mission: to support the market ramp-up of green hydrogen for a CO2-neutral industry.

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